8 Killer Gifts For True Crime Fanatics

Everyone has a friend that’s a true crime fanatic. You look to them for the top true crime podcasts to listen to and the latest Netflix thriller documentary. They can name at least 10 serial killers without blinking an eye and can rattle off the plot of any unsolved mystery. This horror homie deserves the very best this holiday season. Gift them the gift of spookiness with one of our cult favorite true crime gifts.

1. True Crime And Wine T-shirt is for spooky ghouls who love to sip on a glass of wine while listening to true crime podcasts. True Crime + Wine, what could be better? Grab merlot and turn the lights down low as you rock this bad ass tee celebrating the wonderful world of murder mysteries.

2. The Husband Did It T-shirt is a crowd favorite among all true crime fans - because let’s be honest - it’s always the husband who is the prime suspect. Let your husband know you’re not only watching true crime, but also have your eye on him for any funny business.

3. True Crime All The Time Dad Hat - Rock your true crime passion from day to the depths of night with our True Crime All The Time Dad Hat.  You’ll turn heads the moment you walk through any room - and unite with any fellow true crime lovers from across the room.

4. Are you addicted to true crime? So are we! Our True Crime Junkie Sweatshirt is for the true crime addicts that can't keep serial killers out of their head!

5. Serial Killer Beanie - Wear your serial killer beanie to ward off creepy stalkers or even just the casual conversation at the bus stop  - and added bonus, it will keep your head warm this winter.


6. Think you can crack a crime better than the detectives? Then this shirt is for you. Throw on your Basically A Detective Sweatshirt, turn on the TV, and prepare for a night of murder solving mystery mayhem.

7. Wine and crime lovers united. Get our True Crime And Wine Phone Case to showcase your two undying loves - wine and crime. A match made in heaven - or hell. Mwhaha


8. The Wife Did It T-shirt - Wait a minute, why do men always get all the credit? Women can be great at committing heinous murders too!